Pasya Wulandari, Mugiyanti Mugiyanti, Yelni Rahmawati


ABSTRACT: This study aims to describe the intrinsic elements in the Isekai Yakkyoku anime, the reincarnation experienced by the main character in the Isekai Yakkyoku anime, and to describe the realm of reincarnation in the Isekai Yakkyoku anime. This research uses a descriptive qualitative research method. The theory used in this study is the theory of reincarnation according to Buddhist teachings. The result of this study is that the main character experiences reincarnation because he still has worldy desires or also called bunno in him, but because he reaped a lot of good karma during his life he is reincarnated to a better life. The realm after he was reincarnated was the same as before he was reincarnated, which is human realm or ningen kai, but there were differences and changes compared to his previous life. The changes that occur in the main character are changes in appearance, changes in social and family status, changes in work, changes in residence, changes in workplace, changes in character, changes in abilities, and changes in the era in which they live.

Keyword: reincarnation; anime; isekai yakkyoku.

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DOI: 10.33751/idea.v5i2.9184


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