MQTT-Based Temperature and Oxygen Level Monitoring System

Seta Samsiana Samsiana, Abdul Hafid Paronda, Natalia Nataia Damastuti


The In the midst of the corona pandemic that has not subsided, it is marked by the booming number of COVID-19 sufferers for treatment and consultation as well as control at hospitals in Indonesia. Not a few health workers, both doctors and nurses, have been directly infected with COVID-19. To stop the transmission of the corona pandemic rope. The Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT)-based health monitoring system is telemedicine as an independent health facility based on integrated information technology. This monitoring system uses a pulse oximeter and a temperature sensor to measure the level of oxygen saturation in the blood and monitor body temperature. This system monitors temperature and oxygen levels in the blood. This system is expected to make it easier for patients to monitor and control more efficiently, especially during the corona pandemic to support the PSBB and Discasting programs. The tool can be implemented by monitoring Oxygen Saturation: 96.28%, Pulse Rate: 95.60 bpm, Perfusion Index: 11.81% and Body Temperature: 36.11 Celsius

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