Ismail Taufik Rusfien


This research aims to determine and analyze the semiotics of moral messages from Naura and Genk Juara movie, moral messages on the Naura end Genk Juara movie displayed by several figures in it and we can see the moral messages of several scenes through the relationship between semiotic signs and meanings as Charles Sanders Peirce's models with the meaning of the concept of a triangle, signs, objects, and interpretants. This method uses qualitative research with the analysis of Charles Sanders Peirce's semiotics model. There are five scenes selected in which the scene has a moral message, five scenes are analyzed through the relationship of signs, objects and interpretant signs which are illustrated in each scene. There are signs and meanings in dialogue and expressions that illustrate good and bad moral messages in some of these scenes. The results of this study concluded that the moral message appeared in the scene in the form of sentences in dialogues and gestures visually, including in the form of morals in relations with God, morals in human relations with other humans, morals in relations with nature and knowledge, morals in human relations with himself .


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