Computer Hardware Assembling Training To Improve The Community Skills Of Tegallega Village Residents, Bogor

Agustini Rodiah Machdi, Yamato Yamato


The development of Science and Technology (IPTEK) requires humans to understand technology, computers have an important role in technological developments. Computers today have become a necessity in every activity of life. Almost all sectors, both education and government require computers to make performance more effective and efficient. Now the world is facing the Industrial Revolution 4.0. This Industrial Revolution 4.0 is a comprehensive transformation of the overall aspects of production in industry through digital technology and the internet with conventional industries. Therefore, human resources who have knowledge and abilities in the field of computers are needed to support the development of existing technology. One of them is with this computer assembly training, it is very important to learn because by knowing the physical form and function of each component on a computer, it will be able to easily assemble a computer or be able to easily repair damage to a computer. Knowledge about installing computer software is also important to have. Computer assembly training is also expected to improve the level of the economy, because this skill can generate additional income or even make it a business opportunity that can later open up jobs for the people of Tegallega Bogor


training; hardware; software; computer; PC


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DOI: 10.33751/jce.v5i1.7774


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