Computer Hardware Training in Tegallega Village - Bogor

Waryani Waryani, Yamato Yamato, Herry Satria Utama


Computer Hardware Training in the Tegalega Sub-District, Central Bogor District, is intended so that the residents of the Tegallega Sub-District and its surroundings have knowledge of Computer Hardware. the number is around 3.27% of the total population of Tegallega Village. In the implementation of the training, an introduction to computer hardware and computer software is given. Namely about Basic Computers, components, hardware and their functions and uses, Computer Assembly Techniques, Settings and configurations, Software Installation Techniques, Troubleshooting computer hardware and Computer Hardware maintenance methods. Participants who have attended the training are expected to gain knowledge about computer hardware, namely being able to understand and know about computer hardware, be able to assemble computers in the correct method, be able to configure both computer software and hardware, be able to perform computer maintenance properly. In addition to developing capabilities for the development of computer hardware technology, being able to open a computer repair shop independently. In other words capable as a computer technician. In addition, participants were also given certificates for training participants


training; hardware; computer


Diktat Pratikum Hardware Komputer, Laboratorium Teknik Elektro Fakultas Teknik

Unversitas Pakuan Bogor.

Ghadink.2012.”Pengertian Hardware-Software” ( diakses 16 maret 2013)

2012.”Belajar Komputer”(

perangkat-lunak-komputer/ diakses 16 maret 2013)

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2013/01/pengertian-software-perangkat-lunak-komputer.html diakses 16 maret 2013 diakses 16maret 2013

DOI: 10.33751/jce.v4i1.7776


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