Internet Training as a Means of Communication in Tegallega Village - Bogor

Herry Satria Utama, Moch. Yunus, Waryani Waryani


Training on Internet Devices as a means of Communication in the Tegalega Subdistrict, Central Bogor District is intended so that the residents of the Tegallega Subdistrict and its surroundings have knowledge about the internet in the context of developing MSMEs. In the implementation of this training, the participants who took part in the training were all residents of the Tegallega Village and its surroundings, especially for helping MSMEs, namely Home Industry Craftsmen, Mechanics, Small and Medium Entrepreneurs with a total of around 3.27% of the total population of Tegallega Village. During the training, participants are allowed to use computers and mobile phones with RAM capacities above 1 G bit/second, because the material provided is telemarketing in order to support MSMEs in the Tegallega sub-district. The training is to get knowledge about the internet as a means of communication in telemarketing and its applications, and be able to carry out ON Line sales. After the training is carried out, the participants will know the use of the internet and its applications for telemarketing and carrying out trade, in this case online trading, it is hoped that it will be able to help MSMEs around the Tegallega sub-district, Bogor City


Internet; training; Communications; MSMEs


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DOI: 10.33751/jce.v5i1.7784


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