Pakuan Justice Journal of Law (PAJOUL)

Welcome to the official website of PAKUAN JUSTICE (Pakuan Justice Journal of Law). In the spirit of spreading further knowledge about the legal system in Indonesia to the wider community, this website provides journal articles for free download. Our academic journals are a good source of reference from legal academics and legal practitioners. PAKUAN JUSTICE is an academic journal for Legal Studies published by the Journal of Law Masters in Pakuan University's Postgraduate Program. Pakuan Justice contains several studies and reviews on selected legal disciplines in several branches of Legal Studies such as Legal Sociology, Legal History, Criminal Law, Civil Law, Government Law, Business Economic Law, International Law, Sharia Economic Law, and others. Besides, Pakuan Justice also includes a lot of research on law in a broader sense. The journal is published periodically in January-June, and July-December, and approved and ready-to-publish manuscripts will also be regularly published on the website with initial views and hardcopy versions will be released at the end of each publication. Articles submitted to this journal will be reviewed by reviewers before being published by a double-blind review.

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Vol 5, No 1 (2024): Volume 5, Nomor 1 Januari-Juni 2024