DRAMATURGI KOMUNIKASI PUBLIK UNIT DETEKSI K9 BNN RI: Upaya Membumikan Anjing Pelacak Di Berbagai Lapisan Masyarakat

Adi Susanto


The K9 BNN RI detection unit is a unit that stands under the directorate of prosecution and pursuit, the deputy for the eradication of the Indonesian National Narcotics Board (BNN RI). It officially operates and was introduced from February 22, 2018. But long before the introduction of the K9 detection unit of the National Narcotics Board, this has helped a lot in the process of investigating narcotics abuse. In addition to supporting the drug detection process, the search area is more focused. The K9 BNN RI detection unit is also often involved in prevention efforts. This is because the community was very enthusiastic in witnessing the demonstration of tracking by the tracking dog animals owned by the BNN RI. Responding to the additional role embraced, dramaturgy occurred in the public communication of the K9 BNN RI detection unit. In the perspective of dramaturgy someone who is interacting like someone who is playing a role, the role play is called a self presentation. Self-presentation, as Goffman points out, aims to produce a definition of situation and social identity for actors and the definition of the situation affects the variety of appropriate and inappropriate interactions for actors in the situation. Actors manipulate messages and behavior dramatically so that people believe, salute and be amazed at it. (Mulyana, 2003: 114). This social research method uses a qualitative approach that has a relationship with the analysis of visual data and verbal data that reflects daily experiences. Another feature of this research is its emphasis on observation and natural atmosphere (naturalistic setting). This research also does not describe (analytical), but also combines (synthetic). Aside from being a support unit in efforts to eradicate narcotics abuse, this unit also acts as a supporting unit for prevention activities. The peak will be the people will be familiar with the existence of tracking dogs, so that if there are detection activities both at airports, docks, terminals, or other places. The people voluntarily checked their bags, luggage, clothes and vehicles by tracking dogs, without any uncomfortable and uncomfortable feeling.


Dramaturgy, K9 BNN RI Detection Unit, Public Communication


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www.bnn.go.id, di akses pada Oktober 2018.

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