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Literature is a cultural barn, which is implicitly a never-ending resource explored to teach culture efficiently and interactively. This is based on the assumption that literature is also a product of the period in which the author lived. Various aspects of culture (such as religion, social / group class, education, clothing, food, language, urbanism, etc. are also elements that can represent the tools used by writers to build a fictional world. Therefore teaching culture through literature is a way to deconstruct text in cultural components, and can bring students closer to reality Literature Poetry, if chosen properly, will be easy to use for cultural learning material, it can refer to the environment, whether natural or artificial, and the people who live in it. The teacher is fully responsible for understanding the selected poem.The teacher must be able to provide an adequate introduction that allows students to get a clearer view of poetry, as a whole.The background knowledge is needed when talking about people, places, buildings or other facts that require previous social or historical information.


teaching culture, poetry, cultural component


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