IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGIESOF INNOVATIVE LEARNING (Becoming a Creative and Innovative Teacher in Preparing Participatory Generation in 21st Century)

Lia Nurhayati


Conventional teaching method will make students less interested and motivated in participating in learning activities which leadthem to have low learning outcomes and acquire knowledge which is not meaningful. Moreover, the knowledge acquired by students in the class tends to be artificial and they seem to experience unreal situation because teacher presented problems which are different with students’ daily life. For the sake of this arguments, a teacher is required to change his learning method by using innovative learning. Innovative learning is more directed at student-centered learning. The learning process is designed and organized for students to learn. Some innovative learning models include Jigsaw, Group to Group Exchange, Decision Making, and Debate. while innovative learning methods include Reasoning and Problem Solving, Inquiry Training, Problem-Based Instruction, Learning Conceptual Change, Group Investigation and Problem-Based Learning. Innovative learning strategies are activities to strive and utilize all the learning resources to achieve the lerning competences. Learning strategies are very useful, both for teachers and students. For teachers, these strategies can be applied as guidelines and references to systematically act in learning, while for students, the strategies can facilitate and simplify their processin learning. Innovative learning strategies are ways that can be applied by teachers/instructors to choose learning activities that will be used in learning process. The use of innovative learning strategies in learning activities is very necessary to be applied because it can facilitate the learning process in using models and methods.


Learning Strategies, Innovative, Innovative Learning Methods, Innovative Learning Models


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