Journal Of Biology Education Research (JBER)

Journal Of Biology Education Research (JBER) provides an opportunity to share detailed insights from different understandings and practices associated with Biology. JBER is run by Biology Education Departement of FKIP, Pakuan University. This is an open access journal that publishes research papers majoring Biology Education (including: curriculum of Biology, learning media, learning model, STEM, local wisdom-based learning, teacher professional development, etc), Environmental Education (including: environmental issue, environmental behavior theory, environmental behavior change, waste management, etc), Applied Biology (including: conservation, animal physiology, plant physiology,taxonomy, genetic engineering, microbiology, ecology, etnozoology, etnobotany, etc), and all aspects of Biology. It publishes twice a year in May and November. First published, volume 1 issue 1, was in November 2020. The articles submitted to JBER will be double blind-reviewed by reviewers. The accepted article will be online published. e-ISSN: 2774-7859 Journal of Biology Education Research; JBER; Applied Biology; Biology Education; Environmental Education


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Vol 5, No 1 (2024): Volume 5 Nomor 1 Tahun 2024

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