Corrections and Retractions

Corrections and Retractions

In certain cases when there is a serious error or suspected violations, FITOFARMAKA: Jurnal Ilmiah Farmasi will publish a correction and retraction.

In the case of serious errors that affect the article by way of material (but not completely cancel the results), or significantly interfere with the reader's understanding or evaluation of the article, FITOFARMAKA: Jurnal Ilmiah Farmasi  publish corrections records related to the published article. This article is published will be left unchanged.

In accordance with the “Retraction Guidelines” by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) FITOFARMAKA: Jurnal Ilmiah Farmasi will retract a published article if

  • there is clear evidence that the findings are unreliable, either as a result of misconduct (e.g. data fabrication) or honest error (e.g. miscalculation),
  • the findings have previously been published elsewhere without proper crossreferencing, permission or justification (i.e. cases of redundant publication),
  • it constitutes plagiarism,
  • it reports unethical research.

An article which is pulled by issuing revocation notices associated with or replace the article withdrawn. FITOFARMAKA: Jurnal Ilmiah Farmasi will make every effort to clearly identify an article drawn like that.

If an investigation is underway which may result in the revocation of an article FITOFARMAKA: Jurnal Ilmiah Farmasi can choose to remind readers to publish an expression of concern.