Optimisasi Portofolio Saham Syariah dengan Pendekatan Fuzzy Goal Programming

Rahma Aulina, Khusnul Novianingsih, Fitriani Agustina


This study discusses about solving the problem of stock portfolio optimization. The portfolio optimization problem can be modeled as a multiobjective model with two objective functions, they are maximizing return and minimizing risk. This study uses the mean-variance Markowitz model to model the portfolio. The fuzzy goal programming approach is used to solve stock portfolio problems by converting a multi-objective model into a fuzzy mathematical programming model which is solved using a nonlinear programming method. The results of implementing the model on stocks listed on the Jakarta Islamic Index show that the best investment proportion forms an optimal portfolio according to the level of aspirations. Several different optimal portfolios can be formed using the fuzzy goal programming approach. The difference in the results of these portfolios depends on the level of aspiration of investors.


Fuzzy goal programming, islamic stocks, multiobjective problems, optimization, stock portfolio


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DOI: 10.33751/interval.v3i2.7746 Abstract views : 49 views : 41


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