Makan Bedulong Sebagai Communal Comsumption Masyarakat Natuna

Destriyadi Destriyadi


The tradition of communal consumption in Natuna has its own uniqueness. Each island interprets the tradition of communal consumption in different names, places, times and ways. This research explores and understands makan bedulong and other communal consumption. The purpose of this research seeks to reveal a description of makan bedulong and other communal consumption traditions in Natuna. This research is a qualitative descriptive research. The material object of this research is the tradition of makan bedulong, while the formal object uses cultural anthropology. The research location is limited to Bunguran besar, Subi, and Serasan. The data sources of this research are activities, perceptions, and everything related to makan bedulong holistically. Researchers used observation, interviews, and literature studies. The results found that makan bedulong has different descriptions in Bunguran besar, Subi and Serasan. The food menu served is still sourced from the natural wealth of the sea and its agriculture. Not only as a form of celebrating Islamic holidays, makan bedulong is also presented in kenduri events. The differences that occur can be interpreted as changes that are adjusted in each region based on the collective agreement of the community. The important thing to instill is as a form of gratitude for the sustenance given and establishing friendship with others.

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