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The hospital is an institution in the field of health care, but this time a lot of changes. At the beginning of
its development, the hospital is an institution that serves the social, but with the private hospitals, making
the hospital more refers as an industry engaged in the field of health care by management based on the
management of a business entity. The results obtained from this study is the general level of satisfaction
in RSUPN Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo good enough. The author explains through the level of concordance
between performance and expectations according to respondents' perception of 100.03%. As for the
relationship Chi-Square analysis concluded that the quality of service RSUPN DDR. Cipto
Mangunkusumo especially inpatient class 2 in unit A building, give significant influence on satisfaction
for the customer/patient , both at the level of performance and the level of expectation. At the level of
performance, obtained statistical Chi-Square at 383.938 that was significant at 95% confidence level.
While the level of expectation, obtained statistical Chi-Square at 312.468 that was significant at 95%
confidence level.
Keywords: service quality and service satisfaction.


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