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Welcome to the official website of PAKUAN LAW REVIEW (PALAR). In the spirit of disseminating further knowledge about the Legal system in Indonesia to the wider community, this website provides journal articles for free download. Our academic journals are a great source of reference from both legal academics and legal practitioners. PAKUAN LAW REVIEW is an academic journal for Legal Studies published by the Journal Division of the Faculty of Law, Pakuan University. Pakuan Law Review contains several studies and reviews on selected legal disciplines in several branches of Legal Studies such as Sociology of Law, Legal History, Criminal Law, Civil Law, Government Law, Business Economics Law, International Law, Sharia Economic Law, and others. In addition, Pakuan Law Review also includes a lot of research on law in a broader sense. The journal is published periodically in January-March, April-June, July-September and October-December, and approved and ready-to-publish manuscripts will also be regularly published on the website with previews and hardcopy versions will be circulated at the end of each publication. Pakuan Law Review is published by the Faculty of Law, Pakuan University. Articles submitted to this journal will be reviewed by reviewers prior to publication by a double blind review.

Authors are invited to submit manuscripts that fall within the scope of the Pakuan Law Review. Please read the information on the peer-review process. The articles published in PALAR are going through a double-blind peer-review process. Hence, the decision on whether the scientific article is accepted or not, will be the Editorial Board’s right based on the peer reviewer's recommendation.

Please read and understand the author's guidelines for the preparation manuscript. The author who submits a manuscript to the editors should comply with the author's guidelines and template. If the submitted manuscript does not comply with the guidelines or using a different format, it will be rejected by the editorial team before being reviewed. The editorial team will only accept a manuscript that meets the specified formatting requirements.

e-ISSN : 2614-1485, p-ISSN : 2716-0440.

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Vol 10, No 1 (2024): Volume 10, Nomor 1 Januari-Maret 2023